Saturday, 12 May 2012

Kroxigors and testing of colors ...


Plans have changed slightly. Saurus warriors serve me for the moment just to test the color.
Kroxigors paint the first. They are big, easy to paint and in addition test on them blue part of the army.

First I glued figurines by BluTack to plasticard stick.
I covered the Kroxigors with a white primer GW.

To speed up the work the basic color put on by airbrush.

I had a choice of two wash. After a short test on the palette, I chose Vallejo.

In the meantime I tested the colors on the Saurus Warriors. In this way I know how to paint, weapons, cloth, etc..

Kroxigors were mounted on corks. They are ready to paint :-)
Because on my desk a lot going on, it is all for now - the final coming soon ...


  1. No i gdzie kolejne wpisy?:)

  2. I hope to see your army finished somday, please, continue with this blog!!