Monday, 7 May 2012

Welcome to all Warmaster fans !

Hi there everyone.

This blog dedicate Warmaster. I've always loved this game. But as always in life, lack of time, school, responsibilities, etc.. Warmaster gone for many years ...

I'm from Poland. I live in a small forest house near Warsaw.
Today I have over thirty years, three children, a wonderful wife and everything somehow turns...

Warmaster returns with a bang!

I fell in love Lizardmen army. I think I have about 3000 points.
Here is a list:

6 x Skinks
6 x Saurus
2 x Tample Guard
4 x Salamanders
4 x Kroxigor
4 x Cold One Riders
2 x Terradons
2 x Stegadon
1 x Slann Mage palanquin
2 x Heros
1x Carnosaur

I think it will be a form of photoblog. I'll show what I paint, converts or builds (I love to play on a beautiful table with a mass of beautiful land).

At the beginning is probably enough ... I start by Saurus. The first division of infantry, to test the color of the whole army.

I invite you once again.

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  1. Wonderful this blog,

    I have a warmaster forum (it's in spanish because i'm from spain)

    Very few warmaster players in the world :-(